Friday, February 25, 2005

Portait of an Asshole: those that add the same shit over and over just to keep their blog near the top

Man talk about abuse! Here's what I don't get: who in their right mind would buy anything from someone who behaves as though s/he doesn't give a fuck about anything other than making $20 here and there? Someone who replicates the same ad every 5-10 minutes is, by definition, an asshole! He's wasting storage, bandwidth, server capacity, probably 20x what normal users consume, but does he give a rat's ass about any problems he causes? Hell no! He'll send 1,000,000 annoying spams to make one sale, why? Because it costs him nothing. It costs others dearly, but that's not his concern. Only a real moron would send money to someone that abusive.

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